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Practitioners are qualified individuals (Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Naturopaths, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Meditation practitioners among others), who can help us advance research on our 'Light Modulation' technology, as well as Chromotherapy (Color Light Therapy). Distributors are individuals who want to help us spread our valuable information and technology to help improve Mind & Body health in people suffering from a diverse range of ailments.

We firmly believe that our Light Modulation Technology as used in SensoSphere has significant benefits for individuals suffering from ailments associated with stress, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety among others. Clinical Study has shown significant benefits, as reported in “Advances in Mind-Body Medicine Journal” in 2013, Vol. 27. No.4. There is also a large amount of research available on the benefits of Chromotherapy. It is our mission to engage professionals to use this advanced technology within their treatment programs and spread the knowledge of its benefits. Our product is certified UL for North America and CE for Europe.

Applicants should be professionals in the field of Mind and Body Health. Program to include Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Naturopaths, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Meditation practitioners among others.

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Contact Us if you would like to join our team as a Distributor at demyklightmodproducts@gmail.com.

Benefits for Your Patients and Practice

1) It is important for practitioners to choose their patients properly for this Light Therapy inclusion. Selection should be based on targeted ailments mentioned above. Your patients will feel significant relief over a short period of time providing candidate selection and instructions  “SensoSphere Best Results use” are followed.

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3) Patients that continuously use Sensosphere in necessary cycles will enforce the technology's benefits more rapidly and for a longer period of time. It is essential that practitioners properly explain, in simple terms, how this technology can benefit patients and what they can expect prior to, and throughout, using this product.

4) You can experience and observe the use of SensoSphere by patient feedback on its benefits along with enhancing your treatment  practice. We can add Testimonials from your patients to our website, at your discretion.

5) Use of this Therapeutic Light will provide Patient and Peer recognition and enhance your Technology leadership.

6) You can experiment within various programs and different patient categories of Mind and Body ailments, to see where it would best benefit your patients.

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