Who we are & technology we use:

Demyk Lightmod Products Inc. owns and operates under www.stresslighttherapy.com. We are a Canadian based company that is licensed for manufacturing and marketing these patented technology devices worldwide.

‘Light Modulation’ technology allows the embedding of soft light pulsations for specific interaction with various physiological rhythms, such as brainwaves, breath and heartbeat. It has been developed over 20 years by renowned Quebec physicist, Anadi A. Martel and used under ‘Sensora’ Systems in multiple professional therapy centers worldwide.

Technology now available in an affordable configuration under the name SensoSphere and being used in our Color Light Therapy devices for some Learning Disorders and stress related ailments. Visit our site for a deeper look at our technology. A clinical study on the technology is available on Pubmed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24067320


Lead Team Members

Tom Demyk – President of Demyk Lightmod Products Inc., CEO Engineering, Manufacturing and Marketing

About Tom Demyk: Thomas Demyk is President of Demyk Lightmod Products Inc. and operates under StressLightTherapy.com. Leads a team of individuals that are dedicated, to making our company and products known to better the lives of all people, through Mind & Body health. A long background working with multinational companies such as Texas Instruments, Motorola and Philips in capacity of management and Engineering Sales of Advanced technologies. Proud father of two with two grandchildren. Member of International Light Association.  

Anadi A. Martel – President of Sensortech Inc., Physicist, Inventor, Engineering, Speaker, Patent holder and Consultant

Ma Premo – Psychotherapist Consultant

Jackie Thomas – Director of Social Media

Claudette Claprood – Purchasing Manager


Light Modulation, as used in SensoSphere, has shown significant correlation to achieving deeper relaxation, enhanced alertness and reduced mood disturbance. These are the principal factors displayed in Clinical Trial Results and are critical to the therapeutic benefits of this product technology


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