Case Studies

2013. Clinical Research on Light Modulation. Results Summary:

The Impact of Modulated, Colored Light on the Autonomic Nervous System: A detailed report can be acquired through Advances in mind-body medicine journal, reference to Fall 2013 Vol 27 No4

2013. Power of Light: Case Studies. International Light Association:

ASD Classroom Case Studies

as articulated by ‘Special Education’ teachers demonstrating the extraordinary behavior changes and Learning Environment Improvement for Academic performance

FOUR Case Studies on our Light Therapy Technology:

  1. Kirlian Research on the Effects of Sensora (2013)

  2. Insomnia Relief using Sensora light therapy (2013)

  3. Chronic pain management using Sensora light therapy (2012)

  4. Kirlian Research on the Effects of Sensora (2012)

Color Light Therapy Case Study Template Form


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