LearningAid - ASD Case Study participants only


LearningAid - ASD Case Study participants only


SensoSphere - LearningAid - for ASD children (this special pricing is provided to participants in our at-home ASD Case Study program. It is our way of saying Thank you for your work)

This Desktop unit is programmed specifically to be used as complementary therapy for ASD children of all ages. Although benefits vary for all individuals due to the large spectrum and levels of disorders, we have seen significant results based on our In-home ASD Case Study program which continues today. You can view Parent Excerpts on this Website. 
This Desktop unit is programmed specifically to be used mixed between Balance mode in the Theta brainwave range of (4-8Hz) and Relaxation Mode of Alpha range of (8-12 Hz). Our ongoing Case Studies in classrooms results show this therapy with these modes of operation may also be beneficial for ADHD and other similar spectrum conditions. 
We are currently working with many parents through our 'In-Home ASD Case Study' program specifically for ASD children and their parents’ interface with the therapy. Key areas we are tracking include Social Interface, Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Calmness, Self-Regulation, Academic Ability and Sleep disorders.

For United States customers, price is approximately equivalent to $540 USD (Subject to Currency Exchange Rates)
Price includes shipping for all Canada and Continental US
Includes detailed user's manual, warranty, disclaimer and power converter enclosed in protective box
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Allow delivery time of two weeks for ground shipping

Dimensions of SensoSphere - 'LearningAid' is as follows:
•    Base: 9" by 9" wide
•    Sphere: 12" diameter


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