SENSOSPHERE is derived from the same technology used in the Professional Sensora™ Multi-sensorial therapy system. Clinical research results show that the Sensora Light Modulation technology induces states related to meditation. The SENSOSPHERE offers a choice of four Therapeutic modes: Relaxing, Balancing, Energizing & Monochrome.

Each of these use combinations of colours, modulation frequencies and Light Rhythms specifically programmed to induce the desired mood. Unlike cheaper commonly available Mood Lighting devices, the SENSOSPHERE implements sophisticated light pattern generation Algorithms with graceful, ever-changing variations: it can be watched for hours on end without any boring repetitions, always remaining surprising and engaging.

Advanced Features of Therapeutic Light Application

SensoSphere uses patented Light Modulation technology as its active principle. This system allows the embedding of soft light pulsations for specific interaction with a person’s various physiological rhythms, such as brainwaves, breath and heartbeat.
The sophisticated programming of light pattern generation algorithms allows the targeting of desired moods. The result is a captivating therapeutic light that keeps you engaged with elegant, soft and flowing visuals in ever-changing variations of colour and movement.

Advanced precision sensors are another main component that allow hand positioning control. You use your hands to operate the SensoSphere; influencing the visualization of colours, the speed of flow, your choice of mode and more.
This pure and non-polluting therapeutic light can be used as a complimentary service aid for existing Health Care Facilitators, as well as for home use. Realizing the hectic and fast-paced nature of today’s society, SensoSphere is a very beneficial product for home use due to the stress and anxiety reduction potential shown in Light Modulation’s Clinical Research. Moreover, home users can benefit from SensoSphere’s attractive exterior, positive ambiance experience, and great entertainment value all built into an affordable configuration of advanced, Clinically-Researched technology. 


Advanced Technology Components of Therapeutic Light

The majority of common commercial LED mood lighting products use a single light source and are based on low cost Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) digital circuits, which emit harsh stroboscopic light pulses. While too fast to be visible to the naked eye, these constant and intense pulses contribute to environmental stresses and are not best suited to generate a harmonious atmosphere. This is only one of multiple factors that differentiate our product from common household mood lights devices.

Light Modulation, found in SensoSphere, requires an array of low frequency precision oscillators (LFO’s) that combine to generate intensity on colour of light required for brainwave entrainment. This can be compared to complex spatial sound as used by Dolby and IMAX, but using light.



Key Specifications

  • The Arm Processor is programmed with complex algorithms required for light pattern control, therapeutic mode selection and user interface.

  • High Precision Analog components are required to create and exhibit pure non-polluting colour, as opposed to PWM digital circuit components often used in other products.

  • High quality and long-life RGB LED’s (34 multi-LED’s) for color display are featured within 17 individual light sources.

  • A pick-up microphone and circuitry operate the ambient sound interface.

  • The SensoSphere’s exterior includes a custom-designed Polycarbonate sphere for durability and to maximize diffusion of colors, and a professionally-lacquered wooden base for high-gloss reflectivity.

  • This product has both UL and CE certification, features a high-quality design and is manufactured in and distributed from Canada.