We provide advanced color light therapy technology for therapeutic applications in mind and body health. Our products are for both individual and group use, in either a commercial or home environment.


Clinical Study results have shown Light Modulation to provide deep relaxation and enhanced alertness, factors that have demonstrated significant benefits for stress, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and other ailment reduction. Moreover, SensoSphere’s technology has shown to have a complimentary effect to meditation practice in both mental and physical ways.

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This captivating and non-polluting Therapeutic Light should never be compared to any readily available, common mood lights. This is a therapeutic light designed specifically to influence and control better mind and body health.


This revolutionary and patented technology has been developed over 25 years by renowned physicist, Anadi A Martel. Ma Premo, a psychotherapist well known in Canada and Europe, is closely associated in therapeutic aspects of this product. SensoSphere’s Light Modulation technology is being used in multiple professional therapy centers around the world. It is now available in an affordable configuration.

SensoSphere comes with four modes of operation to influence brainwave entrainment: Relaxing, Balancing, Energizing and Monochrome influence mood by using low frequency pulsations (2-16Hz).

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