We provide specifically designed patented Color light therapy devices for mind & body health

Therapy light for some Learning Spectrum Disorders in classrooms for diagnosed ASD or similar disorders

In-home Learning Aid for all students coping with assignments by providing Learning and creative energy 

We also provide non-invasive therapy for ASD children and parents for stress relief at home

Some relief for seniors and individuals with chronic pain and stress related problems

Summary brief of the technology we use and what it does

Patented ‘Light Modulation’ technology and complex algorithms programmed in an ARM processor, as used in all our products, allows the embedding of soft light pulsations for specific interaction with various physiological rhythms, such as brainwaves, breath, and heartbeat. It has been developed with advanced technology from over 20 years research by renowned Quebec physicist and inventor, Anadi A. Martel, and used in Professional Sensora™ Multi-sensorial therapy system in multiple professional health therapy centers worldwide. We do have a clinical study based on the technology that was completed in 2013 and summary can be viewed on pubmed:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24067320

Light Therapies - Book Cover (3).jpg

From the creator of 'Light Modulation' technology comes this new book. A comprehensive guide to the therapeutic benefits of light and color and how they affect our physical and psychological well-being.

Both very ancient and futuristic, light therapy or light medicine is now based on solid scientific foundations which attest to its numerous therapeutic properties, adding revolutionary aspects to the practice of medicine.

In this encyclopedic work, Anadi Martel gives us a general survey of the most up-to-date research on light therapy and informs us of the numerous ways in which it can be applied.

Speaking to therapists and practitioners as well as all those who could benefit from this research, he shows us the incredible effects that light can have on both physical and mental health - and even on the awakening of consciousness - while offering us precious advice of a practical nature for everyday applications.



In-home ASD Case Study program showing significant benefits for some behaviors in children while providing stress relief  for parents and siblings

Introduction to Sleep Light Mode for SensoSphere – LearningAid

Through our In-home ASD Case Study program, we have received many inquiries from parents for their ASD children having Sleep issues. To that end, we are providing a new function incorporated into our SensoSphere – LearningAid therapy product.  

Sleep Light Mode:  For children and adults with some sleeping issues to be used in entertainment or playroom prior to sleep or in bedrooms if a child is not sensitive to night light based on parents’ judgment.  

It reduces the deep blue color to levels low enough to avoid any potential suppression of melatonin, our “sleep hormone”, an effect known to be capable of disrupting our circadian rhythm. The Sleep Mode integrates Delta brainwaves of deep sleep (1-4Hz).

Parents can experience for themselves what this therapy may do for their children and household overall

We provide a 30 day Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If you are not satisfied,

we will refund your purchase cost once the therapy light is returned undamaged. 



Our In-home ASD Case Study program shows the following:

For ASD or similar disorders in children: Some spectrum behavior improvements can be viewed in our PARENT EXCERPTS provided below. Results vary with all individuals due to the wide spectrum and levels of disorders. 

 Parents will benefit from this therapy in the form of personal interface and household Calmness, which in turn will provide significant stress relief. For other household siblings this therapy helps students cope with homework assignments by providing increased Learning Energy and Creative capacity through specific brain entrainment. In addition, it provides an improved room ambiance which is a significant contributor to their Learning environment.

 We do not claim our technology is for medical purposes in any way.  Our In-home ASD Case Study program includes the following areas of key interest:  Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Social interface, Calmness, Self-Regulation, Academic Ability, Organizational Skills and Sleep. 

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Latest News & Updates

  Color Light Therapy at work in classroom

Color Light Therapy at work in classroom

The Healing Power of Light – the New Frontier for Therapeutic Learning Environment

Invitation to Schools/Academies to participate in our

Learning Disabilities Case Study Program with focus on ASD students



We would like to draw your attention to our patented Color Light Therapy device that is being used in our Learning Disabilities Case Study program in public and private schools. Study results suggest significant benefits for some Spectrum Learning Disorders associated with ASD or similar disorders while contributing to all students, teachers, and classroom learning environment for academic enhancement.

The enclosed teacher statement excerpts are derived from actual Learning Disabilities Case Studies completed since the start of 2016 with new studies ongoing. Teachers are certified for Learning Disabilities care and familiar with the participating diagnosed students and their spectrum learning disorders. Students and classroom conditions are observed for 10-12 weeks and results articulating in 30 and 60 day period including  conclusion showing progression on our Case Study template report. 

Our Case Studies use a Numerical Measurement States Scale as a rating measurement tool. Case Study results will be used as a baseline for a protocol Case Study program within a CIHR framework.

We are very encouraged by the results to date, but we do require your help in providing classrooms for additional Learning Disabilities Case Studies and to have a better statistical basis for reporting the improvements on Learning Disabilities in classrooms.

We do not claim that our Color Light Therapy device is for medical purposes. Results are different for all individuals due to the wide spectrum and level of disorders under study.

We have provided a link above that shows some of our progress as stated in the TEACHER EXCERPTS.

Your participation could be very advantageous for your institution to experience and reap any potential benefits for the good of your students, teachers, and classrooms overall.


Tom Demyk