Color light therapy devices for mind & body health

We provide a Therapeutic Learning Environment for all students in classrooms and in-home use with learning energy and significant behavior improvements as demonstrated in our Classroom Case Study program. Those improvements have shown to advance academic performance while contributing to classroom calmness and improved well-being of teachers.

For students diagnosed ASD, ADHD and similar spectrum attribute with Learning Disabilities, our therapy technology provides significant behavior improvements including self-regulation (breakdowns), control of hyperactivity, anxiety, with increased social involvement along with academic advancement.

In tutoring schools for single or classroom environment, this therapy will complement your teaching for speedier academic improvement and demonstrate your teaching leadership to parents.  

This therapy provides relief for seniors and all individuals with chronic pain and stress-related problems. Furthermore, we now offer Gamma brainwave frequency of 40Hz which ongoing research indicates that Gamma pulsations may contribute to improving cognitive functions, for example in the case of Alzheimer’s disease.

Who we are and the technology we use is owned and operated by Demyk Lightmod Products Inc.

We are a Canadian-based company that is licensed for manufacturing and marketing ‘Light Modulation’ products worldwide. Patented ‘Light Modulation’ technology and its complex algorithms are programmed in an ARM processor and allows the embedding of soft color light pulsations for specific interaction with various physiological rhythms, such as brainwaves, breath, and heartbeat. It has been developed with advanced technology accumulated from over 20 years of research by renowned Quebec physicist and inventor, Anadi A. Martel. This technology is being used in the Sensora™ Multi-sensorial therapy system in multiple health therapy centers worldwide. We do have a clinical study based on the technology that was completed in 2013 and summary can be viewed on Pubmed: Click Here 

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Light Therapies

From the creator of 'Light Modulation' technology comes this new book. A comprehensive guide to the therapeutic benefits of light and color and how they affect our physical and psychological well-being.

Both very ancient and futuristic, light therapy or light medicine is now based on solid scientific foundations which attest to its numerous therapeutic properties, adding revolutionary aspects to the practice of medicine.

In this encyclopedic work, Anadi Martel gives us a general survey of the most up-to-date research on light therapy and informs us of the numerous ways in which it can be applied.

Speaking to therapists and practitioners as well as all those who could benefit from this research, he shows us the incredible effects that light can have on both physical and mental health - and even on the awakening of consciousness - while offering us precious advice of a practical nature for everyday applications.

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Our background history of ASD Classroom Learning Disability Case Studies

Our Classroom Case Studies started in early 2016 in public/private schools, Academies, in-homes, and continue to expand. The methodology and collection of information evolved with a more focused way of identifying and collecting data points for measuring progression for specific behavior issues. Our Case Studies are available to all teachers, researchers and parents. Our therapy products are available to schools/academies and parents across North America and some European countries. In addition, we are gathering data collection for a protocol Case Study format for broader use and acceptance. The data gathering results are LINKED below under ASD CLASSROOM CASE STUDIES, articulated by qualified ‘Special Education’ teacher statements.

We currently have many classrooms across North America adopting our Therapeutic Learning Environment with more in the process of participating in our studies.

To all institutions, parents and seniors interested in purchasing our products direct from manufacturer, we offer this:

We provide a 60 day Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If you are not satisfied,

we will refund your purchase cost once the therapy light is returned undamaged. 



Our In-home ASD Case Study program demonstrates the following:

For ASD or similar spectrum disorders in children: Some spectrum behavior improvements can be seen in our PARENT EXCERPTS provided below. Results vary in progression levels of all individuals due to the broad spectrum and levels of disorders. 

 Parents will benefit from this therapy in the form of personal interface and household Calmness, which in turn will provide significant stress relief. For other household siblings, this therapy helps students cope with homework assignments by providing increased Learning Energy and Creative capacity through specific brain entrainment. Also, it offers an improved room ambiance which is a significant contributor to their Learning environment.

Our In-home ASD Case Study program includes the following areas of principal interest:  Hyperactivity, Anxiety, Social interface, Calmness, Self-Regulation, and Academic improvement.

We have now added Gamma (40Hz) mode for Seniors:

This mode of operation now added to SensoSphere Seniors and SensoSphere Therapy Plus products

This mode uses the same full spectrum colors as the Balancing mode, with the addition of light pulsations at the Gamma brainwave frequency of 40Hz. Gamma brainwaves function is still not fully understood but they are generally associated with high levels of cognitive functioning. Ongoing research indicates that Gamma pulsations may contribute to improve cognitive functions, for example in the case of Alzheimer’s disease. Although the Gamma mode could be especially useful for seniors experiencing a decline in mental ability, it can be enjoyed by everyone looking for a cognitive boost. Because the Gamma high frequency is less perceptible to our eye, the light pulsation level is higher is this mode.


Therapeutic Learning Environment for Learning Disabilities

Therapeutic Learning Environment for Learning Disabilities

The Healing Power of Light – the New Frontier for Therapeutic Learning Environment

Invitation to Schools/Academies to participate in our Learning Disabilities Case Study Program with focus on ASD students


We require your help in providing classrooms for additional ASD Classroom Learning Disabilities Case Studies.

Please read our ASD CLASSROOM CASE STUDIES articulated by ‘Special Education’ teachers across North America.

Participating teacher statement from dedicated Autism Academy in Arizona

Bachelor's degree and Special Education K-12

“I have implemented Stress Light Therapy in my classroom for over a year. I teach students with Autism. Their language, Math, and Reading skills have increased by an average

 2.2-grade levels. Thank you, Mr. Demyk for your support!”

To those interested, we provide unique advantages for participating institutions. 

Tom Demyk